What is refurbished? Is it worth buying a reconditioned computer?

Surely on more than one occasion, especially if you usually buy items online,  you have observed that a user asks the seller if the item they are selling is  “refurbished”.

The meaning of this term is unknown to many, and it is not well understood. This of course generates a lot of confusion in the consumer, who ends up thinking that refurbished is the same as used.

Basically “refurbished”  or  “reconditioned”  electronic products  are items that have been tested and shown to have minor flaws, for which they have been returned to the manufacturer.

These refurbished devices can be cameras, smartphones, monitors, computers, memory cards and hundreds of other items.

Once they are repaired and reassembled by manufacturers, they are put back up for sale at a lower price  than their original value.

What you will find here: What does refurbished mean. Cell phones and cameras refurbished. Where to buy refurbished products. Refurbished product scams.

What is refurbished?

What is refurbished?

Refurbished is a word from the English language. Refurbished means in Spanish that it has been restored, that is, it  has been repaired and returned to the condition in which it left the factory.

However such a device can never be considered as new.

This fact obliges manufacturers to put said device on sale again but at a price more in line with its refurbished condition. For this reason, its value can be considerably lower than another of the same make and model but that has not gone through this process.

Refurbished items generally  return to the market after being checked, repaired, and repackaged for technical or cosmetic failures.

The product is restored and in perfect working condition , except that in the vast majority of times it is done without its original packaging.

Used refurbished joystick

Refurbished  does not mean that the item is used, fails, or is in poor condition. What’s more,  the product can undergo this reconditioning process  for dozens of reasons once it is returned.

It is even possible that it has not even been used, only unpacked.

In those cases of breakdowns during the manufacture or transfer of the products,  the manufacturer will repair it and then sell it again at a significant discount.

But the item has been repaired at the factory under strict processes to keep its properties unchanged, so it retains the same characteristics and quality as the same product that is marketed new.

But having undergone a refurbished process makes it possible for it to be sold at a cost that can even reach a 50% discount.

Refurbished equipment

Another case of  refurbished products are those that have been on display in stores or shops.

These products after a certain time may have suffered marks or small deterioration in their finish due to the fact that they are displayed without the protection that their packaging confers on them.

In these cases you can also get a very important discount,  and you will take home a new product in perfect condition  that may only need a little cleaning.

Refurbished equipment

Examples of refurbished products

From this point on, you will see some examples of why a device can be subjected to the  “refurbished” process.

  • Devices that were in sales displays or demonstrations, such as in stores.
  • Devices that have been returned for failures.
  • Devices returned for damage to packaging or to the product itself.

Refurbished products warranty

While this is not always the case,  refurbished or reconditioned products often have some type of warranty. The duration or period covered by this warranty in regards to faults or materials can vary from thirty days to more than one year.

The guarantee of a refurbished device of course always depends on the type of product.

Sometimes it is also possible to  get a warranty for these reconditioned products  similar to what you would get by purchasing a new product. This always depends on the current legislation in the country where the sale is made.

Refurbished Apple equipment with warranty

In many cases, such as  refurbished Apple products,  the warranty is usually 1 year. This is because in this company this type of reconditioning is taken very seriously, which does not mean that other manufacturers do not necessarily do it.

Companies like Amazon do not provide a  warranty for refurbished products . However, they offer a return policy for the money you pay for a product of this type.

This means that they will not return the same product, but the amount you have paid for it.

Repairing a phone for sale

Refurbished phones

Buying  refurbished or reconditioned devices is an increasingly popular practice. This is because you can save a good percentage of the real price of the product you want to buy.

In addition, in most cases you will get a perfectly functional product with no flaws or aesthetic defects.

The refurbished approach can be applied to many types of products such as televisions, audio, computer and video devices.

However, it does not end here, since you can also buy reconditioned products such   as armchairs, tables, the  wonderful drones  and many other items.

Refurbished mobile phone

But the specific objective of this section of the post is to know all the  advantages and disadvantages of buying a refurbished cell phone. An angle that more and more people interested in these devices are exploring.

In this sense, there are many sales platforms that offer  reconditioned mobiles,  examples of which are Mercado Libre, Amazon and others.

Also this possibility is not available in all countries, a place where to get refurbished cell phones is the telephone operators.

Another way to buy refurbished phones are the manufacturers themselves, who often offer this type of product in their official stores.

Refurbished product certificate

As in the examples that we named earlier in this post,  a refurbished phone is a device that has been returned after being bought new.

This has undergone a reconditioning process in which it was checked and repaired. This is necessary to ensure that the refurbished cell phone worked with all its features perfectly and could be put up for sale again.

Of course, at a much lower price, its main advantage, because the product cannot be considered as new under any circumstances.

Refurbished phone repair

Differences between refurbished cell phones and used cell phones

Many users have this important question.

The most significant difference between used phones and refurbished phones  is that in the first option you have to use your eyes and experience. This is true for all the used products that you want to buy.

This is to see if the phone you are buying is in good working order. In the case of having passed a first inspection, and then having taken it home, then it does not work, you cannot complain to anyone.

On the other hand, in the market for  refurbished telephones, you have the assurance of having a guarantee granted by the manufacturer or the distributor.

In addition, with  reconditioned cell phones  most of the time you can have access to an extended product warranty, depending on the country where you are.

Refurbished smartwatch with warranty certificate

Is it safe to buy a refurbished mobile?

Of course the answer to this question depends on  where you bought the reconditioned equipment.  If you do it anywhere, you will most likely have problems.

For this reason, you should avoid at all costs buying from sellers with little reputation or strangers. Who knows what the origin or the state of these refurbished cell phones?

In these cases it is always  best to buy a refurbished phone directly from the manufacturer or in a well-known store . They are the only ones who can give you security.

Both in the quality of the reconstruction and in operation. But above all the guarantee that you will be able to return the product or obtain a solution in case of problems with the product.

Refurbished iPhone Phones

In this sense, a special case is Apple, a company that offers users to buy devices from the firm that have been reconditioned.

This is done through a special program called “Certified Refurbished”.

These types of programs allow you to save a good amount of money, and also obtain a product of the highest quality.

In this store we have refurbished Apple devices available  , such  as iPods, iPads, iPhones and MacBooks.

Apple refurbished devices

Refurbished device scams

A consideration to take into account. Some sellers in sites such as Mercadolibre.com and physical stores  offer reconditioned items without informing the consumer of their refurbished condition.

However, this is relatively easy to verify. If the product you are interested in has a much higher sale price elsewhere, it  means that it is reconditioned and they try to deceive us.

Careful with this!

Asus refurbished certificate

Where to buy refurbished products?

The possibility of being able to buy refurbished products is an increasingly popular alternative. Obviously due to the difference in prices of this type of product with respect to new equipment.

And best of all, there will be no noticeable differences between a new product and a refurbished one. Be careful that you can get the best deals!

This of course has generated great business for many. However, this time the users are the beneficiaries, since they can access a cell phone, a tablet for children , or a high-end notebook for much less than its value.

In this sense, there are many stores and companies that began to dedicate themselves to the commercialization of refurbished products. Some of them are official stores, like Apple’s. But the vast majority are multi-brand stores.

The sheer number of refurbished stores that you can find today will surely meet your expectations. And fortunately, you will most likely find what you dream of for much less than it is worth in the market.

Refurbished phones and tablets

Some of the best known refurbished stores are the following:

  • Free market
  • PcComponents
  • Amazon
  • The English Court
  • eBay
  • FNAC
  • Back Market
  • Phone House
  • Manzana
  • iCase
  • Worten
  • PcDiscount
  • Media Markt

Refurbished from Amazon

There is no doubt that Amazon is the most popular store when it comes to buying refurbished products. This is because Amazon usually has very attractive prices, but in addition to its large daily supply of these types of products.

Another point where Amazon stands out in relation to the sale of refurbished products is that both the delivery and warranty periods are the same as any other product. Likewise, the return and guarantee conditions for any technical damage.

The classification of Amazon refurbished products is also highlighted Super clear and that leaves no doubt about what you are going to buy.

Amazon Renewed refurbished store

The classification is as follows:

  • New: It means that the box is damaged, but it has not been opened.
  • Like new: It means that the product has been taken out of the box, but that it is in perfect condition.
  • Very good condition: It means that the product has minimal signs of having been used. However it works perfectly.
  • Good condition: This classification means that the product is not in optimal cosmetic condition due to scratches and other minor damages. But its operation is not affected.

Refurbished Apple

It is undeniable that Apple products are among the most required by all types of users. Unfortunately, their high price does not make them accessible to most. But you still have the option of being able to have a refurbished Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad like new at a much lower value than on the market.

When you buy a refurbished Apple product, you are buying a device with original spare parts, perfectly rebuilt, with a new battery and housing.

It is also delivered with all its new cables and accessories. All with free delivery, depending on the country you are in.

The only difference between a refurbished Apple product and a new one is that the former comes in a white box.

Apple refurbished products

Another interesting point with Apple’s refurbished products is that they have a one-year limited warranty and up to 90 days of free technical support.

It should be noted that for those users who want to buy a refurbished Apple product in countries where there is no certified Apple store, they have a solution. They can acquire them through other means such as Amazon, eBay or Mercado Libre.

Other stores with refurbished products

Some of the stores that we mention in this post only have a presence in European or North American countries. If you live in South or Central America, one of the stores where you can get refurbished products is Mercado Libre.

Mercado Libre has a presence in many countries in the region, and you can find all kinds of refurbished products.

Other stores where you can buy refurbished products are PcDiscount and iCase in Argentina or eBay, which has shipments to almost every country in the world.


Refurbished electronics are often big business for consumers.

In general, the defects that can be observed are small and cosmetic in nature, and most of the time they are not visible to the naked eye. In other words, they are small defects that do not alter the operation of the equipment at all.

Sale of refurbished products

Buying refurbished or reconditioned products is a great way to have what you want  when you have little budget available for it. Here at this point, these types of articles can be an excellent alternative.

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