What is a stalker? Meaning of stalkear

Technology offers us invaluable help these days, this fact is indisputable, however there are some situations that have arisen from its use,  especially regarding privacy and its relationship with social networks. stalkear meaning

In this sense, many of us have surely heard the terms  “Stalker”  and “Stalkear” , words always linked to the invasion of privacy, but we do not know what the real scope of their meaning is.

If you want to know more about this phenomenon, in addition to obtaining some tips to avoid being victims of this type of user , all you have to do is continue reading the article.

stalkear meaning
stalkear meaning

What is stalking?

The word  “Stalkeo” , or action of  “Stalkear”,  words that come from the deformation of the English term  “Stalker”,  whose closest meaning is stalker or stalker, and  refers to the practice of monitoring through social networks , mainly Facebook and Twitter, the movements of another user,  using some tricks such as accessing the service where the person who wants to spy posts,  but with other credentials, that is to say with another username.

Basically, then we can say that  a “Stalker” is a user who uses social networks to spy or monitor other people  using the relative anonymity offered by the Internet.

One of the main characteristics of a stalker or stalker is that many times they take their harassing activity to the extreme, that is, they end up acting obsessively, which causes the victim of the stalkeo to get to know what is happening. happening, and thus you begin to feel uncomfortable, and even fearful.

In this sense, we must differentiate between the stalker who remains anonymous, that is, the one who constantly reviews the publications that his victim makes on social networks, but without the victim being aware of what is happening, and the stalker that goes beyond that limit.

In some cases, satlking can become in some people a compulsive and obsessive disorder that can lead to bullying that is no longer virtual and moves to real life, that is, the stalker is no longer satisfied with staying in the shadows of anonymity and believes that they must interact with the person who is being stalked.

In this way, the stalker can begin to harass his victim with comments in each of his posts, which can even become aggressive and violent over time. But even the stalker can resort to stalking in a real way, thus exerting an unwanted influence on the stalker’s life.

stalkear is at that moment that the victim will surely begin to fear, as he begins to consider the possibilities that his stalker may cause him some type of physical harm. That is why we must always take into account how to act in situations of cyberbullying or stalking, in order to prevent it from becoming a case of real stalking.

stalkear should be noted that generally in stalking, so-called stalkers usually use platforms such as social networks and email to carry out their plans, harassing their victims until they achieve their mission.

We are all stalkers

Of course, the motivations that the user may have to start with this practice are many, and they do not always have bad intentions. A stalker may have the objective of humiliating his victim in front of others , a case that frequently occurs between former partners.

When that is the end that the stalker is pursuing, usually at a certain point he will leave anonymity and begin to attack his victim with different methods. Basically, a person can stalk their ex-partner on social networks by publishing private information, very personal photos and can even assume the identity of the victim to harm her.

However, despite the strong meaning of the term and its scope,  a user can be considered a “Stalker” without actually being a stalker,  since this term is also used in social networks to refer to many other types of snoopers and curious.

From the one who only wants to know what his ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is up to to the directly harasser, there is a great advance of possibilities within the stalking activity,  and although the term is used for all these situations, it only becomes a crime when stalkear is it specifies a systematic harassment that ends up causing real harm to the victim.

Can we say then that we are all stalkers? Have we ever been a stalker in our life? The answer to these questions is that we have probably tagged someone at some time.

The truth is that stalkear is more than likely that sometime in our lives as members of a social network we have reviewed the movements of another user with  the purpose of knowing a little more about their present life or their past through photos and publications  you have posted on the service.

However, It is important to clarify that this does not make us harassers, since this action is currently considered as something “normal”, and even  companies use this resource as something daily to follow up on a job application.

Well, then it is important to clarify that although we can all be considered stalkers, since at times we have spent time spying on someone else’s online activity, the truth is that cyberbullying is considered a crime when a person uses the internet to provoke direct harm to another person. stalkear meaning

A clear example of the crime of cyberbullying occurs on those occasions when the stalker gets to the point of creating a website or a profile on a network member l with the name of his victim, since in this case is usurping the identity.

Let us bear in mind that whoever intends to stalk us, thanks to the internet today can access all kinds of personal information . Through social networks, the stalker can know not only our name and our tastes, but also our date of birth, our routine and even our address and telephone number.

stalkear meaning
stalkear meaning

The Dangers of Stalkear

As we have seen, “Stalkeo” can become a real crime, since sometimes there are stalkers who do not stop to know what other users are doing for the simple fact of knowing what they are doing, but can become very dangerous.

In this case, they are stalkers who use this technique to obtain information and to carry out all kinds of activities,  such as generating false profiles to discredit certain users or identity theft, among many other illegal activities.

Sometimes this type of stalkers can become dangerous, so it is extremely important for those who become victims that, given the certainty that they are being stalked, for example in the case that they have been a victim of identity theft , it should be done immediately. the pertinent complaint so that justice acts before it is too late. stalkear meaning

However, there is another side of the coin, and it is in those cases in which we become temporary and anonymous stalkers to frequently check what is of the life for example of our ex.

This also carries some dangers, although less dangerous, of course. For example, it is something frequent that happens to those people who stalk their exes on social networks from anonymity, and thus spy on their photos and publications, that at some point by mistake they click on the “Like” icon in some of the publications you are snooping on.

But also, we always have to bear in mind that when we are stalking our ex we can find things that we dislike or that lead us to be in a bad mood, such as seeing that he has completely forgotten us. stalkear meaning

Something worse can happen when we stalk our partner’s cell phone, for example when checking WhatsApp messages. Let us bear in mind that there we can find situations that our partner kept secret, even a love deception of which we are victims.

Given this, it only remains to ask one question: is it preferable to continue ignoring this type of situation, or is it better to know the truth in order to act accordingly? The answer is unique to each person.

How to avoid becoming a victim of a stalker?

Many people believe that only famous people can suffer from this type of harassment called stalking. However, as we have seen, any common user can also be the victim of a Stalker,  mainly due to the lack of prudence when publishing a photo of us on social networks. stalkear meaning

With the rise of selfies, self-portraits taken with the cell phone camera , there are hundreds of thousands of photos that circulate on Facebook and Twitter,  some of them intimate or with deliberate poses that can attract this type of people, and therefore start with vigilance towards our person.

Fortunately,  this can be avoided, as long as we change a few habits  and follow some of the tips given below:

  • Never publish bank or credit card details. Neither data about where we live or where we work.
  • Before posting a photo on a social network, review it well to make sure that it  does not contain any kind of element that can identify where we are or other personal data.  Obviously, don’t let the system add the location to them automatically either. stalkear meaning
  • Review well the permissions that our contacts have to access the information published on social networks.
stalkear meaning
stalkear meaning

In the event that we are faced with the certain situation or the suspicion that we are being victims of a stalkeo, we must take into account a series of guidelines to act against the stalker and thus frustrate their plans.

  • Refusing outright the stalker’s proposals for real or virtual interaction.
  • Not responding to the messages that you may send us privately, as well as avoiding responding to the comments that you may post on our profile, and if we do, it is recommended to respond with short messages. In this way we minimize its importance, since what stalkear tries is to get our attention.
  • Always avoid facing the stalker.
  • If possible, it is recommended that in the presence of a stalker within social networks, we resort to blocking it.

  • It is also advisable to tell our experience to other people, since not only can we receive very good advice, but also with this we will alert the rest of the users to take care of the stalker in question.
  • It is extremely important to save all the texts, images, videos and others that we have received from whoever is stalking us , since all this will serve as evidence in the event that we wish to make a complaint.  stalkear meaning

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