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The technological prodigies that we enjoy every moment of our day, and that were so often obtained with blood and suffering, are constant reminders that human effort and talent know no limits when it comes to knowing. Thanks to the invention of the wheel, screw, lever, and other primary technology, human beings have been able to conquer an entirely hostile world, and they are preparing to do the same by heading for the stars.

While most of us take for granted all the comfort that modern technology and inventions offer, the truth is that to get to enjoy the Internet on our smart TV sitting in the living room armchair, it took centuries of challenges. , chases, pain, investigation and frustration, but finally technology is among us, and who knows what else will be in store for us?

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Unraveling the paths that will lead us to these new horizons is an arduous and complex task, which should not be attempted without having at least knowledge of how technology has changed us and will change our lives. That is why in this post we will learn about the basic aspects of these concepts, with the aim of accurately understanding the depth with which technology has helped Humanity to achieve its objectives.

What is technology?

Before we begin to delve into the technological inventions that changed and will forever change the lives of human beings, it is necessary to know what the word technology means. This word of Greek origin, which in essence could be translated as “study of a technique”, is used when we speak of applied sciences to the resolution of specific problems.

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Basically technology is a series of knowledge from different disciplines that scientifically ordered and combined with each other, allow us, through consultation, to respond to the needs of Humanity.

In this sense, technology, that is, the sciences that fall within its scope, can be used both to solve complicated problems that will take us to other planets and to create a silkier shampoo. If you want to know more about the scope of technology, you can consult this article.

Does technology oppress us?

The use of technology has always been questioned by many who argue that this knowledge will render humans useless, unable to do anything by their own means, which is the reason for hundreds of science fiction novels, as well as philosophies of thought. .

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Although technology is capable of solving humanity’s problems to a great extent, the truth is that for centuries it has also been used against them, in different ways and for different purposes. In this, governments have a broad responsibility, who use technological mechanisms such as espionage for their citizens, but also large companies contribute their grain of sand: for them we are all one when it comes to consuming, eliminating forever the individuality that us gifted geniuses like Bach or Da Vinci.

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The use of technology also arouses heated debates about its responsibility for the environmental conditions in which the Earth finds itself today, however, without the use of technological instruments , in which questionable manufacturing processes are implemented, for At least in terms of environmental care, we could not have obtained any data that would allow us to reach this conclusion.

As we can see, technology can be used both to relieve and to torment humanity, but there is no doubt that without technological inventions, human beings could not have come that far, indeed , it is almost impossible that we would have been able to survive. without the sharp stones, the world’s first technological artifacts.

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Technological inventions

Technological inventions are nurtured by the different disciplines of technologies , and today it is practically impossible to live far from modern technology, since it is present not only assisting us at all times, but also technology can become within us, present in pacemakers, implants, antibiotics and other technologies that allow us to be healthy.

The utopia that many pursue of living without using technology is impossible to achieve, since even sharpened wood is technology. That said, let’s move on to the most important part of this post, technological inventions.

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Technological inventions that changed our lives

Since man used the jaw of an animal to help tear a prey, he was already using technology, from there to set foot on the Moon, there was only one step. At present, the need to know about Humanity and the answers they obtain are at a very high point, from which new technologies and ways of thinking will surely emerge that will take us much further than any science fiction writer could glimpse.

However, in order to get to this point, we first had to create new technology, it would be revolutionary by the time it was introduced. In this sense, some of the technological inventions that changed our lives were, for example, cell phones.

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From this point on, the technological inventions that changed our lives.


The cell phone is an extremely useful device that does not allow us to communicate in any part of the world in which we are, without having to be tied to any type of cable. But in addition to immediate communication, a cell phone today includes fantastic functions, such as the ability to browse the Internet, take a photo, or know the exact location where we are, or guide us where we want to go, all thanks to GPS .

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GPS, another technological invention that changed our lives, is a small device with great technology behind it, which allows us to get to a place without making mistakes thanks to its directives, that is, the GPS is indicating the direction we have to take to reach our destination, also doing it in the simplest and fastest way.

The use of GPS is so simple that we can even load maps of places in which we will be directly loading them by plugging the GPS into a computer, another technological invention that changed our lives forever.

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The computer: one of the greatest technological inventions

Although before computers we could make a life, and in fact most of the technological development of Humanity was carried out without the help of a computer, the truth is that these devices today are almost essential for all the tasks we undertake daily, such as listening to our favorite music at leisure, playing games or working, the latter being the most time-consuming activity on a computer.

Computers over the years have evolved, that is, with each generation of computers their performance and capacity have improved until they have the incredible processing capacity that they have today.

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However, there is a device linked to computers that marks a before and after in their mode of use: the mouse. Although the mouse was only useful when the first graphical interfaces were developed, the truth is that after its incorporation as a standard peripheral, things changed forever, since just by pressing an icon on the screen, it was already being done. an action, making us forget the instructions via the console forever.

In addition to the mouse, another invention that changed our lives was printers, even more so when they were within everyone’s reach, since through these peripherals we could print as many times as necessary in really short times and at a really affordable price.

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Digital music and portable audio and video players

Digital music is another of the technological inventions that changed our lives forever, and although the possibility of transporting our music wherever we went years ago is a reality, with digital music we have moved to another level of comfort, since today In addition to being able to take it anywhere, we can play it on any media player we have at our disposal, such as tablets, cell phones, computers, televisions and many other devices, thanks to digital music formats such as MP3. We can even listen to music that we don’t physically have, thanks to streaming services like Spotify or iTunes, over the Internet.

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However, it was not always this way. Most of us are familiar with the Walkman, the world’s first and most famous portable cassette player. Many will also remember the revolution that meant being able to listen to our music in such a discreet and comfortable way. However, it did have a problem, the cassette itself, which was bulky by today’s standards, and others quite sensitive to mistreatment.

For years, it was everyone’s favorite means of listening to music, even though later the Discman appeared on the market, which was a basically similar device but that loaded CDs of digital music instead of magnetic tapes.

With respect to the CD, like its larger capacity brother the DVD, they were technological inventions that allowed users to expand the capacity to store data in a small, cheap and reliable space, and also allowed to make copies of movies and albums with ease. and amazing speed.

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However, its greatest strength was data storage, until they were replaced in user preferences by pendrives and external storage disks, with much greater capacity than the largest CD or DVD.

Returning to digital music, the only reliable and effective way to replace the Walkman and the cassette were digital players, another of the most interesting technological inventions, which are devices capable of storing hundreds of songs in MP3 format, which we could load from any computer with little effort, with which we can listen to complete discographies without worrying about the space they would occupy.

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Digital photo and video cameras

The same happens with digital cameras, before their invention, taking a photo was left in the hands of the person who had more experience in the field and of course had a camera, who was also in charge of taking the rolls of photos to reveal to the store. Thanks to the appearance of digital cameras, the photography scene changed forever, since this type of cameras included various automatic modes, which did not allow a pleasant photo to be obtained in practically any situation and by any type of user regardless of their knowledge. in photography.

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Another advantage of this technological invention is that they are much cheaper than a film camera, both when purchasing it and when operating it. With a digital camera, taking a photo and a million will not make a difference to our budget, since since it does not need any chemical development process, it will only be stored first in the digital camera and then on a CD or DVD or directly on the computer, now. we would never be limited by printing costs again.

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Another impressive technological invention is that of digital video cameras, which today are “portable television studios” as quoted in some well-known film. Nowadays, a digital video camera provides us with an incredible resolution, in addition to various modes of operation, with which we can even afford to film with a quality compatible with that of a true television studio.

Internet, Cloud, email and video conferencing

There is no doubt that the creation of the Internet is the technological invention more prominence, since it is a lot riding of services and facilities to which we are accustomed today, such as email, video conferencing, the online storage and many other benefits that could hardly be imagined years ago.

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Today the Internet has become practically a necessity, since there is not a day when we do not need to consult one of the pages it contains to find information about something specific, undoubtedly the best feature of the network of networks.

In it we can find a list to consult, print or download millions of web pages that deal with the most diverse topics, as well as forums where we can collaborate with other people to reach a common goal, data storage services, online application services through which we can carry out different tasks without the need to install software on our computers and many other services, all of them included in the so-called “cloud” . The ubiquitous social networks have their home on the Internet as well, with examples such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, just to name a few.

Internet is undoubtedly the greatest invention of recent times, since it has allowed the development of other technologies associated with its use, and which are essential for the functioning of today’s world.

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In this sense, email is the most used communication tool in the world by users and companies alike, since it is cheap, safe and fast. Although there are other very widespread means of communication, the truth is that email offers multiple advantages, such as the possibility of being accessed from anywhere in the world and from practically any device.

Another possibility to communicate that the Internet offers us is video conferencing , a system that allows us to have a call with other people, but instead of using only our voice, as we used to do until just a few years ago, we do it through video cameras, which allows us to show ourselves and see our interlocutor, with all the advantages that this method offers.

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Undoubtedly one more step in bringing Humanity closer, in which technologies such as WiFi also collaborate, a wireless transmission system that allows us to take the Internet anywhere without the need for cables through, without a doubt a great advantage, that In addition to being a more than economical way of being able to have Internet in every corner of our house, it can be expanded to even take it to large entire regions, which can also be expanded globally, as evidenced by the research and tests that are being carried out. carried out by companies such as Facebook and Google, whose objective is that the most remote parts of the world can count on the Internet although there is not enough infrastructure or monetary resources to do it the way a developed country would.

Technological inventions for the home

Another area where technological inventions have been able to modify our customs and the way we developed our lives is at home, especially in those occupied by young people, more used to being assisted by technology at every moment of their life.

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In this sense, some of our readers will remember how television was gradually getting into the house, first in black and white and later in color, the same happens with other small appliances and devices such as audio devices such as combined, such as electric knives, blenders, toasters and other kitchen items.

In other words, technology changed our way of relating and doing things at home, from the old wood stoves that our grandmothers used to the tablet that has replaced the old cookbook, there is a huge stretch, so much time as of technological development, but basically everything has been to make our lives easier.

Although some of these technological inventions, such as the microwave oven or the remote control already have decades among us, the truth is that they changed our life in those times in the same way that technological inventions such as Smart TVs, assistants digital like Alexa and refrigerators that are able to warn us when it is necessary to go through the supermarket to replace something that is missing, making use of the so-called “Internet of things”.

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So far we have talked about technological inventions that changed our lives, but what does the near future hold for us? If we continue reading the rest of the post we will find the answer to it.

Technological inventions that will change our lives

There is no doubt that as technology advances, it does so on all fronts, that is, it does not remain in the product that has been developed, but also the technologies used to develop these inventions also evolve , which does not allow us to enjoy of devices that until a few years ago could easily be considered as coming from the imagination of some science fiction author.

Some of these inventions will really change the way we operate on the planet, and how we take advantage of the resources that we have at our disposal. In this sense, 3D printers are truly examples of inventions that will modify our vision of how things can be done, and how easy we can do them if we put our hands to work.

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3D printers are easy-to-use and compression devices, as well as being cheap to operate and replace inputs, that is, their parts and the materials used to print, and that is why they are so popular with hobbyists and professionals around the world. .

Precisely the operating conditions of 3D printers have allowed these devices to be so desired by many. With a 3D printer, all we have to do to obtain a part is think about it, transfer it to a drawing, or download one of the hundreds of thousands that exist on the Internet, load the 3D printer with the material and wait for the job to finish.

Once the 3D printer finishes its work, we will obtain a solid piece that can even be subjected to hard work. This allowed 3D printers to begin to be used in more and more tasks, unsuspected when their development began.

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With a 3D printer we could easily print the parts of a house, tools to carry out many tasks, print replacement parts for any other device or machinery, all without leaving home and with incredible speed and comfort.

Another technological invention that has changed our lives forever is solar energy, basically electricity that is obtained from our star king through special panels that collect it and then store it in batteries to be used in a controlled manner.

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The solar energy, besides being inexpensive to produce, once the initial investment has been amortized, is clean, is not toxic wastes of any kind are produced in its production. This has allowed many remote places to have the benefit of electricity without having to wait for the companies that provide this service to become a business.

Drones is another of the inventions that will change our lives forever, since like the 3D printer, drones are cheap, but they are capable of offering impressive benefits in many activities.

Before these small radio controlled flying devices, some tasks were difficult to perform, even fatal, but with the appearance of drones in the mass consumer market, many tasks such as tracking livestock, repairing high voltage lines, exploration at height and many other jobs were made easier and cheaper.

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There is no doubt that the best feature of a drone is to rise up and give us an aerial view of what is happening around us, with all the advantages and benefits that this provides, but we must not forget that they are very fun.

In the field of computing, the advances have been truly impressive, and practically no one is surprised by the high speeds in GHz achieved in the most modern processors.

However, people are amazed by advances such as neuromorphic chips , basically an alternative development of a processor for computers and other devices capable of acting and operating trying to imitate the behavior of the human brain.

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For many years, computing has always depended on the same scheme, the processor and the memory. As many know, the cycle of traditional processors, that is, as we know it today, is reaching the limit of its physical possibilities, and therefore it is important to find a technology that is capable of replacing the PC processor with the same degree of efficiency and performance.

This is where the so-called neuromorphic chips come into play , drastically changing the model of processor and memory used until today. Neuromorphic processors are designed with the purpose of trying to imitate, even in a limited way, the functioning of the human brain, including the possibility of learning and making references, things that in the many tests that have been carried out, they have more than met. .

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These neuromorphic chips are capable of learning on their own from the environment that surrounds them, one more step in the development of a more efficient artificial intelligence technology, whose main beneficiaries will be robotics and home automation technologies, since they will be able, for For example, creating surveillance cameras that can determine if the attitude of a certain person is suspicious. Although chilling, the truth is that it is fascinating how far you can go in technology.

In this sense, if we are not worried about being surrounded by sensors and cameras with neuromorphic chips that monitor us and measure us 24 hours a day, one of the technological inventions that are going to change our lives is the technology called Internet of things , too. known as IoT, for “Internet of Things”.

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Basically, the Internet of Things consists of creating a close relationship between the devices and objects that users use often, connecting them through the Internet.

The concept, although simple, is very difficult to carry out, however, it is a technology that advances day by day, with many advantages and benefits if we connect devices and items commonly used in a home to the Internet, such as refrigerators, systems lighting, first aid kit, loas locks, pantry and even e LEMENTS we often lose as keys and wallets, we could meet the time and trouble the status and location of these things.

Related to the concept of the Internet of things are home automation, a set of systems and protocols that allow to fully automate many of the functions of a building, whatever the type.

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In this sense, the automation is able to manage completely independently varied aspects of the operation of a building, such as energy, communications, security, climate control, multimedia management, lighting and many other factors, in order to be able to detach ourselves of these aspects and let the building itself manage them. Without a doubt, one of the technological inventions that will change our lives in the most radical way.

In this regard, other technological inventions, less important but just as useful, are, for example, home robots, the most widespread examples of this technology being robot vacuum cleaners, devices capable of sweeping dust on the floor of an environment in a completely autonomous way. .

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As in the past, technological inventions have improved the way we move around the world and relate to our surroundings, from being comfortable in the winter to letting the house take care of its problems.

Undoubtedly, the coming years will show us more and more technological inventions that surpass anything we have seen up to that point. This is a fact, just as at some point it was thought that it was impossible to fly, the future will hold incredible inventions that we do not think could be true.

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