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Our Maritime Attorneys Have Helped Thousands Get Benefits

Getting hurt working at the port or an offshore platform puts you in a financial bind. How can you get income to keep yourself going?

You use special protections in federal law for injured longshore workers.

You can get:

  • Payment for lost wages
  • Your medical treatment fully covered
  • Support to transition back into work

This support protects your financial future. But claiming all of your rights and benefits is complicated. You can be denied. Or shortchanged.

Don’t put up with it.

Maritime personal injury lawyers fight for you. At Workers’ Compensation, LLC, we’re devoted to the people who make the economy of the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River and Port of New Orleans work.

Workers’ Comp Is What We Do. Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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The maritime injury lawyers at Workers’ Compensation, LLC, understand the needs of oil and gas production workers, longshoremen, roustabouts, blaster/painters, shipfitters, maintenance mechanics, welders and others who work in Louisiana’s coastal economy.

Longshore & Harbor

See how Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act attorneys can help you.

Jones Act Lawyer 

For workers on waterborne vessels who get hurt, the Jones Act allows greater compensation through maritime personal injury claims.

Maintenance & Cure

Maintenance and cure are key forms of financial assistance available to injured maritime workers.

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