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Let’s imagine the following situation, we have a complete text written in a word processor, such as Microsoft’s Word, and although we have written said text correctly in uppercase and lowercase as appropriate, we need the text to be all in uppercase letters, or the reverse.

Faced with this situation, we should not despair, since there is no need to start transcribing the entire text manually, which, depending on its length, can become a more than tedious task.

Fortunately, most word processing programs offer us a series of functionalities that allow us to do this work almost automatically, just by pressing a couple of keys on our keyboard.

In this article we will tell you what are the procedures that should be used to pass a text from uppercase to lowercase and vice versa, in a simple and fast way.

Capital letters

Before delving into the use of uppercase and lowercase letters as the case may be, and prior to knowing the procedures for changing the typeface in a word processor on the computer , let’s see what differences exist between the two.

The first thing we should know is that the etymological origin of the word “uppercase” comes from Latin, and derives from the word “maisculus”, which arises from the conjunction of “maior”, which means “greater”, and the suffix “- cula ”, which refers to diminutive.

Therefore, we can point out that when we speak of something that is capitalized we are referring to something greater or greater than the common of its type or species. That is why when we say that a letter is of the uppercase type, which we simply refer to as “uppercase”, we are indicating the difference that exists between it and its corresponding lowercase letter.

Logically we can infer that a lowercase letter is smaller than its corresponding capital letter, since the latter is characterized by being larger, as well as in many cases it has a different shape.


Since we were children, when we went to school, we have been taught that the use of capital letters is determined by a series of spelling rules. In general, we should use capital letters when we start a new sentence or a paragraph, after there is a period.

In addition, the use of capital letters is used for proper nouns, which includes names of people, countries, cities, trademarks and others, as well as divine attributes, such as when in a religious text we mention the Lord, or to write the name of study careers, such as Medicine, or when we use the degree of training of a professional, for example a Doctor, or a political position such as President.

But the use of capital letters in the correct spelling is not limited to just these examples. Capital letters are also used in acronyms (example: AFIP, FBI, NASA), in certain words included in judicial and legislative texts (example: TENANT, OWNER, EXPOSE).

Although the use of capital letters, according to the spelling rules, should be limited to these aforementioned aspects, the truth is that when we enter the world of the internet we will see that many times capital letters are used on various occasions that are not included in these rules, we will even find sentences and complete paragraphs all written in capital letters.

Some years ago, before the explosion in popularity of social networks, capital letters were commonly used in chats, in order to express a cry, that is to say to indicate to our interlocutor that we were shouting the written phrase.

So it was that for years, on the internet, writing a complete text in capital letters meant a cry for attention. However, today the truth is that many people tend to write everything in capital letters, so in the end today many do not know differences between a capital letter and a lowercase letter in terms of its meaning.

So, is it correct that on the internet we write everything in capital letters or not? Well, the concrete answer to this question is NO. Although we all have the possibility of expressing ourselves on the internet in the way we want, due to the great freedom that exists in this virtual platform, the truth is that we should always take into account rules of coexistence.

Just as it is not right for us to go through life yelling at people, the same should happen in our internet activity, and avoid yelling at other users through the constant use of capital letters.

Also keep in mind that many times our message can be misinterpreted by others, since perhaps our intention is not to express something by shouting, but by writing it completely in capital letters is what we are ultimately implying.

Let us also bear in mind that the fact of always writing on the internet with sustained capital letters can be considered an offensive act. According to what experts maintain, when people read a text written all in capital letters, it generates a psychological impact, and therefore everyone will think that we are angry or that we want to impose our opinion.

In addition, and no less important to the rest of the fundamentals that we have exposed so far, it is important to bear in mind that most people abandon the reading of publications when they are written entirely in capital letters.

It should be noted that there are other methods that we can use when we need to highlight a word or phrase in our publications on the internet, without resorting to capital letters. One of them is to use asterisks (*) to enclose the word or phrase, or to write the word in a spaced way, that is, leaving a space between each letter of the same.

From uppercase to lowercase with online converters

If we have a text that is written entirely in capital letters, and we need to convert those letters to lowercase, we know well that this manual task can become more than tedious work.

Fortunately, there are various tools that allow us to perform this procedure automatically, and a very interesting alternative focuses on the free online converters available on the internet.

Here are some of the most prominent online converters.

Uppercase Lowercase.com

It is a free site that we can access from any web browser, and its main feature is that it is really easy to use.

We only have to access through this link and we will find two empty white boxes. In the one in the right area of ​​the screen we must paste the uppercase text that we have previously copied.

After that we will have to press one of the buttons of one of the options that it offers us, among which is included capitalize text, capitalize after the points, all lowercase or all uppercase.

The converted text will be displayed a few moments later in the same box in which we paste the original text.


This is another online option with which we can change a complete text from uppercase to lowercase automatically and in a few seconds.

Like the previous one, we must access the page through this link , after which we will have to click on one of the buttons of the four options offered by the service, including uppercase, lowercase, 1 capital letter and after the period.

The text will appear in the same box where we paste the original text, which will take a few seconds, depending on the length of the text.


This is another alternative online service to carry out the process of passing a text written in uppercase to lowercase, but the interesting thing about this page is that it offers us some more alternatives than the previous ones.

Its use is very simple, we must first access the web through this link , after which we paste the text in capital letters in the corresponding box, and then click on any of the buttons of the option that we want to use.

Among the options offered by the site, we also find the possibility of passing a text from uppercase to lowercase , that we can also change the format, choose an alternate format, copy to the clipboard, among others.


The uppercase and lowercase converter offered by the Pinetools website is perhaps the most interesting of those mentioned in this article, since it includes a good number of options to modify the format of the texts automatically.

In principle, we access the service through this link . After that we paste the text that we have previously copied and that we want to modify in the blank box that indicates “Original text”.

Next we will see that in the right area of ​​the screen we find a drop-down menu, in which we can choose the options of lowercase, capital letters, word start, titles and other.

We choose the corresponding option, and after a few moments the converted text will be found in the box that indicates “Converted text”, which is located below said menu.

It should be noted that if we choose the ” Other” option , a new menu box will be displayed with more options, including format changes such as inverse, toggle, camel, pascal, hyphens, viper.

Change lowercase to uppercase in Excel

The Excel program includes the possibility of changing the format of the words written in a document, either to go from uppercase to lowercase or vice versa, which we can also do in a particular cell or in a set of cells.

Here’s how to do it.

To replace the single cell letter format we must carry out the following steps:

Step 1

We run the Microsoft spreadsheet app and open the document we want to modify. Then we select the cell in which the uppercase text that we want to change to lowercase is located.

Step 2

In the “Formulas” box we must write MINUSC and then press the Enter key.

It should be noted that depending on how we want to modify the format of the text, we must bear in mind the following indications:

Write UPPER if we want to change from lowercase to uppercase, write MINUSC if we want to change from uppercase to lowercase, or write OWNNAME to change the selected text in the form of its own name.

To be able to replace the formatting of the letters of several cells, we must carry out the following steps:

Step 1

With the Excel document to be modified open, the first thing we must do is select an empty cell in which we will insert the change of format.

Step 2

After that, we go to the ” Formulas” tab and click on the “Insert function” option .

Step 3

A search box will be displayed in which we must write MINUSC , so that it finds all those words that we want to modify from uppercase to lowercase.

It is important to mention that we must write UPPER to change from lowercase to uppercase, or write MINUSC to change from uppercase to lowercase, or write PROPERNAME to change the selected text in the form of its own name.

Step 4

The next thing will be to click on the “Accept” button .

Step 5

Next we must select the cell in which we want to change the format, and then click on the expand dialog icon, after which in the next box we click the OK button to complete the procedure.

In the case in which we want to change the format in more cells, we will have to repeat the steps as well as we can also choose to change the formula in order to be able to apply a different function in this way.

Change from uppercase to lowercase in Word

When we need to convert a text written in Word, in order to be able to convert uppercase letters to lowercase letters, fortunately we have a very interesting functionality in this word processor.

The procedure is extremely simple, and we will explain it to you below:

Step 1

Of course, the first thing we will do is run Word and open the document that we want to modify.

Step 2

The next thing will be to select with the mouse the word, the phrase or the paragraph that we want to change, or if it is the whole document, we can choose the option “Select all”.

Step 3

Next, we simultaneously press the Shift and F3 keys.

It should be noted that every time we press the combination of Shift and F3 keys, the text will change its format from uppercase to lowercase and vice versa, and if we repeat this procedure for the third time, the text will be left with only the first letter of each of the words In uppercase.

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