How to install and uninstall programs in Windows

Installing and uninstalling software is really a very simple task, especially nowadays,  where you don’t have to worry about anything other than the latent possibility that the program to be installed brings with it malicious software or that we don’t need.

However, it can become a big problem when we are preparing a new computer or we have done a very deep cleaning.

Installing a single program is fast, and it can even be fun at times, but the same is not the case when we have to repeat the same procedure manually to install dozens of different programs.

The same happens at the end of the life of a software, that is, when we have to uninstall it. Removing a single program from the system requires a few seconds of our time,  but removing many programs is heavy and will require us to sit for a long time.

That is why in this article we  will find  tools that will allow us to install and uninstall applications by volume,  that is, all at the same time, which will be very useful to save us a lot of time and effort.

What programs can I uninstall in Windows?

The question about which programs and applications it is convenient to have installed on our Windows computer will always depend on the needs of each one, and that is why the answer to this question must be resolved according to the activities that we usually carry out with the pc.

The same does not happen when we ask ourselves what are the programs that we can uninstall in Windows, especially in a safe way, that is to say that the uninstallation of these programs does not affect the operation of the computer.

In short, as time goes by, and the amount of activities that we are doing on the PC grows,  the computer is filling up with programs that we need to complete them,  which most likely is that once the activity that motivated its installation is finished , are put aside and forgotten, generating a considerable depreciation of the performance of our team.

The indiscriminate installation of programs, and that many times fulfill the same function of some that we already have installed but that we are not able to investigate in depth,  causes the computer to become slow.

Even more so if we are one of the users who make hasty decisions after consulting a few comments or advice, and do not stop to think that a lot of software, in addition to not being of the best quality,  often includes adware  that is in the whirlpool to finish it. that we are doing we install inadvertently.

In the event that you have noticed that  your computer has decreased performance,  the best solution is to eliminate all programs and applications that may be damaging the PC, or, failing  that, prevent them from being run again at system startup using the utility Windows “msconfig”.  But it is not always that simple, and the first question that comes to our minds is  how do I know which ones I can safely remove?

If we are in doubt about knowing exactly which programs to uninstall and which not, a very interesting option to carry out this selection process is to use an application called Should I Remove It ?, which we will tell you how to use below.

How to use Should I Remove It?

Using  Should I Remove It?  We can  eliminate harmful programs or programs that we no longer use on the PC  without fear of uninstalling a key component of the operating system or any of the programs that are truly useful to us.

Basically  Should I Remove It?  is a completely free utility for Windows that can be very helpful, especially in the case that we are users with little experience in using the operating system,  since it will automatically analyze the computer in search of all installed programs  to notify us which ones of them can be eliminated without suffering later problems.

Using this tool is really simple and very comfortable, and you don’t have to be an experienced user to understand the report of removable applications that it offers us. Once we are in front of it, we will notice that the applications are ordered based on a  “percentage of elimination”,  which means that the higher the percentage, the greater the need to eliminate it.

But also, and so that we have no doubts,  we can also consult the opinion of experts on a specific program on the list.

Likewise, these reports can be  supplemented by accessing an online database  that contains more detailed information about a program analyzed, including developer and other important data. To do this, we can click on the button  “What it is?”.

But the best of all is that getting rid of a program that bothers us is as simple as using the program,  we just have to press the “Uninstall” button  to make it disappear forever.

Generally speaking, Should I Remove It?  It is a fantastic tool for all those users who are just starting to use a computer,  since there is nothing more comforting for the newbie than to feel that they have control over their device.

If you want, you can  download Should I Remove It? for free  by clicking on this link.

How to uninstall programs in Windows 10?

The version of the Windows 10 operating system comes from the factory equipped with a series of pre-installed Universal or Modern applications  that supposedly cover all the needs of the operating system users.

These include a weather app, OneNote, stock apps,  Groove, the system’s new music player , Camera, Calendar, Mail, Calculator, Alarm, Clock, Movies & TV, voice recorder, and many others.

Although many of them are very useful for most users, since a calculator is ultimately a calculator, unless we need to do very advanced calculations,  most of these pre-installed applications should be immediately replaced by more complete alternatives,  or that offer a greater number of features, since those offered by default are quite poor, except for honorable cases.

Now while some of these pre-installed applications can be removed without problems through the control panel or  “Applications and features”,  the truth is that many others do not respond to these actions.

That is why here we present a small app called  “Windows 10 App Remover”,  which will allow us to get rid of these annoying applications and generate space for their alternatives, almost always more powerful and useful than these.

Uninstall pre-installed programs with Windows 10 App Remover

As we mentioned, uninstalling some of the pre-installed applications in Windows 10 is not an easy task, one of the main methods being that in which we must use the PowerShell tools to do it.

But since not all users have the time or knowledge to do it through PowerShell, a developer named Jonah McPartlin created software that allows us  to uninstall Windows 10 built-in apps with just a couple of clicks.

Windows 10 App Remover is a  completely free utility designed to uninstall or remove pre-installed Windows 10 apps  clearly and easily. It is also a totally intuitive application, which means that its use and learning are easy.

Through  Windows 10 App Remover,  we will be able to uninstall 3D Builder, Alarms and Clock, Calculator, Calendar, Mail, Camera, Get Office, Get Office, Groove Music, Maps, Solitaire, Money, Movies and TV, News, OneNote, People, Phone Plugin, Photos, Microsoft Store, Sports, Voice Recorder, Weather and Xbox.

All we have to do to  uninstall these built-in Windows 10  apps is download the application by clicking on this link , which, it should be noted, will take us to a download from Google Drive.

Once this step is done,  we run Windows 10 App Remover and select the application that we want to remove  by clicking on the corresponding button. As simple as that.

At this point it  is necessary to emphasize that the tool should not be run in Administrator mode , since with these permissions the application will not work.

It should be noted that although Windows 10 App Remover is an excellent tool, we must bear in mind that it does not offer  the possibility of uninstalling Cortana,  the Windows 10 assistant, or Edge, the brand’s new browser that replaced Internet Explorer .

This is mainly due to the fact that they  are so integrated into the operating system that trying to eliminate them would only cause problems  with the normal operation of the OS.

How to uninstall programs in Windows 8?

Despite being available version 10 of Windows, at present there are many users who prefer to continue using Windows 8, in which the operating system has a very radical transformation  in many of its aspects, both internal and external, of the same way that happens with Windows 10.

One of the most notorious changes that Windows 8 has introduced has been in the uninstallation of software, since the “Modern” style applications do not appear in the Control Panel.

The scenario is as follows: We are using Windows 8  and we have installed some applications from the Windows Store,  some work for us and others not, and at this point we want to get rid of them, but they do not appear in the Control Panel. What do we do?

Fortunately, uninstalling them is not a big problem, since with a couple of clicks of the mouse they will already be out of our system. How do we do this?  Very easy.

Taking into consideration  that “Modern” style applications for some reason are not considered as traditional style programs,  they are also uninstalled in a different way.

To do this, all we have to do  is click with the right mouse button on the tile of the application that we want to uninstall  and then click on the “Uninstall” icon   located on the toolbar that has just appeared with the previous movement.

Uninstall Windows 8 programs on tablets

In the event that we are using a device with a touch screen, we will not be able to click with the mouse on the program, so we will have to develop another movement that consists of  touching the icon of the application that we want to uninstall,  keeping it pressed while we move it slightly down and then release it.

At that moment,  a check mark will appear in the upper right corner of the icon,  while at the bottom of the screen we can see a toolbar, where we will have to touch the “Uninstall” button  .

As we can see,  it is not that difficult to uninstall an application in Windows 8,  but it is not as intuitive as it should be, and this applies to practically every process in the system, which leads many users not to want to continue exploring this version of the operating system, getting stuck in old versions that are already obsolete.

How to install and uninstall multiple programs at the same time in Windows

Fortunately,  to install several applications at the same time on  the market there is a service called Ninite , which in addition to being free, is really easy to use. All we have to do is select the applications we want to install, download the installer and the program will take care of everything.

Step 1

To start using the tool, the first thing we have to do is access the developer’s website, which we can do by clicking on this link.

Step 2

Once on the site, we will find a list of the most popular messaging, browsing, graphics and other applications arranged in categories such as  “Media”,  “Web Browsers”, “Compression”  and others.

At this point it is necessary to emphasize that it is likely that we will not find all the applications that we are used to using, but it is a good start,  especially for those users who use familiar tools.

Step 3

We select the programs that we want to download and install on our system and after that we click on the green button  “Get Installer”.

Step 4

Once this step is done,  the system will compile an executable with the list of marked programs  and download it to our computer.

Step 5

When the installer finishes downloading,  we run it to start its task,  which it will do without any intervention from us.

Regarding the compatibility of the programs, that is, if they are in 32 or 64-bit versions, we should not worry,  since this point will be determined automatically by the system.

Nor should we worry about the issue of bloatware and its toolbars,  since any attempt to install software of this type will be immediately rejected.

It is also necessary to mention that the versions of the programs that are obtained through Ninite are always the latest,  that is, they are well updated.

Applications to uninstall multiple programs at the same time 

While  the Windows default applicator uninstaller is an effective tool,  the truth is that it lacks a lot to compare with other external tools. For example, the possibility of eliminating all traces of the apps that it deletes, that is, removing from the system all the folders and files left by the program that we eliminated.

Nor does it offer the possibility of deleting applications in a group, an option that would come in handy, especially for all those users who tend to test many applications.

That is why there are several applications on the market that offer this and other functionalities, but at this point we will focus on those that for us are the most interesting and that we can obtain for free.

IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller  is one of the most effective tools, mainly due to the features it offers, which we can find in other programs of this type but paying a good amount of money for them.

Step 1

To start using  IObit Uninstaller,  the first thing we have to do is access its website and download the installer,  which is completely free.

Step 2

After that, we install and run it, and after this last step we can see why it is one of  the best applications to uninstall software on the market.  Full of options, with this tool we can sort the applications that we have installed in the system by recently installed programs, by larger size and the applications that we use most frequently.

In this sense,  this option is very useful to be able to realize the use that we give to each application in the system,  and in this way to be able to be more clear about which programs we can eliminate without compromising our productivity.

Absolute Uninstaller

Another more important alternative for mass program removal is  Absolute Uninstaller , also a simple to use but very powerful tool.

Step 1

In order to use  Absolute Uninstaller , the first thing we have to do is download it, which we can do from its official website  by clicking on this link.

Step 2

After downloaded, we install and run it. After this step, the software will  begin to analyze the system to offer us a complete list with all the applications that we have installed.

Step 3

As soon as this list appears,  we will be able to select the applications that we want to remove from the system.  We mark the checkbox located next to each program and after that we press the “Uninstall” button  .

In the same way as IObit Uninstaller,  Absolute Uninstaller  also offers the possibility of sorting applications by size, by installation date, by time of use and others, which can be useful to have a  statistic of the programs that we use most frequently. ,  which will allow us to free space on the hard disk safely and easily.

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