Examples of software

Software is a computing concept linked to the logical and non-physical part of a computer and is defined as a set of computer programs that contain many data , procedures and rules that allow the user to perform various tasks. This type of programs can be created and developed by companies dedicated to computing or by the users themselves.

This computer term is normally written in programming language , that means that it allows the programmer to write the instructions of a program using words with syntactic phrases, in this way it is simpler and more efficient.

Some of the software examples will be pointed out below .

Examples of operating system software

The operating system is software that is based on organizing and controlling the different basic processes of a computer so that all programs can work.

  • GNU/Linux: is a free, multi-platform, multi-user Unix-like operating system that stands out because it is selflessly developed by various individuals.
  • Mac OS X: It  is the second most used operating system , and it is developed by the famous Apple brand and is only designed for Macintosh computers.
  • Windows XP: Windows is an operating system created by the American company Microsoft and is based on the grouping of programs that allow the resources of a computer to be granted.

Examples of word processing software

The word processor is a set of programs that are created to write, modify or copy texts.

  • Microsoft Word: It is an application software that supports the user to create, edit, view and share files, and can also be customized by making a good design.
  • Google Docs processor: it is a word processor that allows you to create and edit documents online and share them with other users, and also stands out because it is saved in the cloud.

Examples of software for viewing and editing images

The image editor is a grouping of applications so that the user can create and edit new images thanks to the variety of tools.

  • Adobe Photoshop: It is one of the applications of the Adobe suite, it is used to retouch images and graphics , and it stands out for being a leader in the world.
  • Gimp: is an ideal free software to perfect, create and edit images, normally used to create logos.

Examples of communication software

Communication software encompasses programs that allow one computer to communicate with another through technology, so that users can interact.

  • Skype: it is one of the most used applications in the world to make free calls or video calls individually or collectively , you can also send messages or share documents.
  • Hangouts: a fairly current instant messaging application that replaced Google Talk and is used to maintain a conversation between several users, being able to send locations, images, files, emoticons, etc.

More software examples

  • Audacity
  • Microsoft Excel
  • AVGFree
  • CCleaner
  • Nero WaveEditor
  • VLC Player Format Factory
  • network code

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