Examples of search engines

The volume of information that is handled on the Internet on a daily basis is so brutal that, if printed, it would not even fit in the largest library in the world, rather it would take as many buildings to store the documents as the surface area occupied by several sets of metropolitan areas. Not all of the information is accessible to the user and to find it it is necessary to know where to do it and use tools such as search engines or search engines.

This last concept is defined as a type of software that searches for files stored on web servers based on the keywords used by the user, having to choose from the list of URL addresses that are displayed to find the desired information.

Below we inform you of some examples of search engines , since there are many of them that help to find information for various uses.

The search engine or search engine works by collecting information on the Internet

Examples of search engines

Hispavista land real names
qwant The searcher Daum
High view buscope good search
dogpile Yahoo! goal search

More examples of search engines



It is known for being the most used search engine on the web, being used by more than 90% of the users who use the network. One of its main functions is to search for text on web pages instead of other data that is more linked to other systems.


Formerly Live Search was known, but today it is called Bing. This is the official Microsoft search engine since May 28, 2009 that stands out for its interface , since it includes a background image of a place in the world every day. It focuses more on semantic searches, in addition to allowing normal language and grouping searches by categories.


It is among some alternative search engines to Google and has 0.19% of the global search traffic. It provides users with a variety of queries made in English, in addition to the mythical keyword searches, at which point it provides answers to different questions that may arise.


This search engine offers the opportunity not to collect, track or store information, which means that different advertisements related to what is searched do not appear later. It is worth mentioning that this does not mean that there are no ads, but they will not be personalized according to each user.

Another of its features is the display of a single page of results when a search is performed, which makes it easier to find information.


Ecosia is one of the search engines that differs most from the others because the advertising benefits it generates are to plant trees in those places that are needed.

How to use it?

  • The user must enter ecosia.org and use the search engine.
  • The user also has the option to download a Chrome extension to transform Ecosia into the reference search engine.
  • Once it is installed, the user has the opportunity to find out how many trees planted their searches mean.

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