Examples of input devices

What are input devices? They are also called input peripherals, and refer to the equipment and components used to enter or provide a multitude of data and control signals to the processing unit and then be able to work with them. Although this concept generally implies “additional but not essential”, on many occasions they are very important elements, we would even say essential, for a computer system.

Some of the most outstanding features are:

  • They are part of the hardware , which includes the computer chassis, cables, fans, peripherals, etc.
  • They receive a lot of information in audio, image or text , provided by the user and transmitted through the computer.
  • They are very easy to use and, as technology advances, they are updated.

Do you want to know different examples of input devices? Keep reading!

Input devices allow input of information to the processing unit


The mouse, also known as a mouse , is a device used to facilitate the handling of a graphical environment on a computer. What it does is translate each and every one of the movements made by the user.

Today there are various types of mice, the most common being the one with an oval shape, either wired or wireless. It is worth mentioning that laptops come with a touchpad , which is a touch panel that allows you to control the cursor.


The keyboard is a device, inspired in part by the keyboard of typewriters , that allows the user to enter all the information he wants into the computer. To do this, the keyboard must have various characters, including letters, numbers and symbols, including punctuation marks and special keys that have different functions.


The microphone is an audio input device that picks up sound and translates it into electrical impulses that can be encoded, saved, transmitted, and played back on your computer.

If it is a desktop computer, this device is connected separately, from its sound card or its USB port, while if it is a laptop, the microphone is already built-in.


Webcam, also known as network camera, is a small digital camera that records and transmits images over the Internet , either to a web page or to another private computer.

Generally, the resolution of the camera is low, approximately 640 X 480 pixels.

Joy stick

The joystick is a kind of control lever that allows you to manually move the cursor on the screen at great speed when playing computer programs. It is one of the input devices that originated in the 80s, at which time it was simply a lever with a control button.

Other input devices

  • Stylus pen : is a light-sensitive wand-shaped device used to write or draw on the touch support so that it reaches the computer.
  • Graphic tablet: it is a flat digital device on which the user draws, paints, takes notes or makes 3D models, which are then captured on the computer screen.

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