Examples of free software

What is free software? This term refers to computer programs that are assigned together with their source code , thus offering the user the option of changing, analyzing, copying and distributing them. This type of software has to offer each and every one of the users the four freedoms, although the user must respect the conditions of the free license.

It should also be noted that most of these programs can be downloaded over the Internet for free, either in full or as a trial, or at a very low price to cover distribution costs.

Below are some examples of free software .

Examples of free software


Ares is peer to peer program created in mid-2002 that is used to download games, movies and series, in general all kinds of files, and even from various sources.


Audacity fulfills the function of recording and editing all kinds of audio that the user has recorded from the device they wanted, and it also serves for post-processing files.

Chrome OS

The Chrome OS is based on the Linux kernel and is an operating system that is used today thanks to the Google Inc. company, which uses the Google Chrome browser as the main interface that stores everything in the cloud.


The GIMP is defined as a totally free bitmap digital image manipulation program . It is used to make free drawings, modify the size of photos, make photomontages, retouch and edit images, etc.


Ubuntu is a free distribution or open source operating system that runs from the desktop to the cloud or to all things connected to the Internet. It currently runs on desktop computers, servers, Intel architecture, Advanced Micro Devices and ARM, etc.


VLC is one of the most widely used video and audio players today, as it ensures that many types of files work without the need to download certain codecs.


Open Office is an excellent free alternative to Microsoft’s office suite, and it stands out for being able to use the ODF or Open Document Format, since this is a standard and totally free format that any user can use.


jDowloader is a program that allows you to download any file found on the Internet, it also stands out for its ease of use, its efficient management and its limitation of the number of simultaneous downloads.

More examples of free software

To MSN Drupal FileZilla Emulate Morph
Sunbird ABC Chrome thunder bird vim-editor
Elgg 1.12.2 vim-editor phpMyAdmin AC3 Filter DC++
Gallery bittorrent moodle VirtualDub gnomes
chrome UniformServer C Dex Peer Guardian ares-galaxy
tom cat FreeBSD K-Sketch Caliber Libre Office
blender Eraser pidgin FD show Miranda
Notepad++ win scp Avagadro 1.1.1 Linux ghost script
wordpress TightVNC JBoss PDFCreator Bugzilla
GenealogyJ Shareaza inKscape Media Coder wireshark

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