Examples of educational software

What is educational software? It is a kind of computer program that is focused on different tasks with a pedagogical purpose or it can also be a program that has the purpose of teaching users to understand how to do certain tasks . This style of software is a fundamental tool since it is currently very efficient and although it does not replace any teaching system, it does serve as an additional means.

It contains a multitude of properties that not only help the user to have more knowledge but also to enrich and develop different capacities and aptitudes. Many of them are students but it is also an interesting tool for teachers as they can follow the progress of their students, increase their knowledge and make improvements in the teaching methodology.

In short, application software is used by users to carry out very precise tasks through different programs, and in this case, they are educational ones. There are a variety of education software to teach, learn and progress cognitive skills, and 5 of them are explained in this article.


It was created in the early 1990s in Spain and is used to work on sounds, texts and images, which is made up of various free software that makes it possible to  add innovative educational applications . The activities carried out in the program are multiple, for example, self-defined, puzzles, word search, associating images and sounds, etc.


It is an interactive cross-platform program that was created in 2001 and has won several awards. It is used in school or university in the commercial, physical or mathematical area because it handles algebraic, geometric and calculus data.

G buy

Free entry and when you access there are many activities to do, most of them are educational games for children who are not more than ten years old. The activities are a way for children to get to know the computer and its elements, stimulating reading, algebra, science or geography , some clear examples are learning to interpret the hours on the clock, to identify the countries of the world or to Recognize the most successful pictures.


Known for being very simple, free to use and made by different platforms, which is used in South America, Europe, the United States and Asia. The program is an object modeler in which texts, graphics (2D or 3D), sounds, videos, images, web pages and MIDI can be presented , and a multitude of games and tutorials can be accessed. It is a new way for the student to be taught in another way using the imagination and creating.

Atenex Builder

It is a digital content creation program aimed at the educational field, which can be used in operating systems such as Windows or Debian. It has easy access for the teacher and has more than 50 templates for activities such as sentence dictation, crossword puzzles, puzzles or musical compositions , as well as a lot of advanced applications such as formulas and math graphs, the physics laboratory or the calculator. basic and scientific You can also embed documents, presentations, hotspots, or links to external materials.

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