Examples of application software

Nowadays, the tasks that are carried out by means of a computer are carried out by the creation of application software. This means that they are programs designed to make this task easier for users , especially when they are very precise tasks that require a specialized system.

Depending on its functionality, application software can be classified into two program models:

  • Basic: Applications that are linked to the correct development of the computer and generally have a more technical appearance.
  • Productivity: They focus on giving users greater ease, with more precise and determined applications that present an exclusive service.

The user uses quite a few applications on a daily basis, although the main one is the one linked to office automation , that is, word processors or spreadsheets. There are also other more specialized applications such as educational or musical ones, among others.


Microsoft Word is a computer application that is aimed at word processing . The company Microsoft was the one who created this program and it is included in the office suite called Microsoft Office, which is paid for. It is currently one of the most used software in the world, both personally and corporately.

power point

PowerPoint is a program that is part of the Microsoft Office group of tools, which works to create slide presentations . With this application it is very easy to develop and present ideas that are visually attractive and dynamic.


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that is part of the Microsoft Office package. An application that is used for economics and accounting tasks, and that offers a wide range of functions, such as graphs and formulas, among many others.


VLC media player is an open source media player that is capable of supporting various audio or video formats such as MOV, FLV or MPEG-2, without the need to install additional codecs.


A well-known program from Adobe, which focuses especially on digital image processing , such as manipulating images or painting them digitally, web design, video editing, graphics, bitmap photo composition, etc.


It is a simple application to use, in which a sound is imported to record, edit, play and export in formats such as MP3 and WAV. The program is used to cut, copy and paste, in addition to having several audio tracks that can be mixed and add sound effects.


An interactive software that is used in schools or universities, specifically in the mathematical, commercial, physical and other fields, since it has algebraic information of geometry and accounts . It was created in 2001 to be used freely, in addition to having various platforms.

Google Chrome

An application designed to provide access to the Internet , both its services and its resources. The priority objectives offered by this Internet browser are speed, stability and security, which offers the user great comfort.

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