Database Examples

The concept of a database was heard for the first time in 1963 at a meeting of specialists held in California, and is defined as a kind of warehouse that offers the opportunity to systematically store and preserve a set of information that is related to each other . . The main objective of this database is to facilitate the use and access to information in a way that is both practical and efficient.

Today there are many types of databases thanks to the development of technology in areas such as electronics and computing, which means that most of them are in electronic format and can be consulted through the Internet.

Do you want to know the database examples? Don’t stop here and read on!

The database is a group of data belonging to the same context

Database Example: Phone Book

Currently, the telephone directory is not used as such, but that does not mean that it is not a good example of a database. This is defined as a large volume book that contains thousands of telephone numbers in alphabetical order and with the person’s first and last name, address, city, province and postal code.

It can be assigned to an individual, a company or an entire household and serves to allow the user to have the necessary information to find the other person in question. The problem is that they are very heavy to carry and with today’s technology they have been forgotten.

Database Example: Public Library

The public library is an ideal example of a database, as it is an organization established by a community and contains thousands of records, all of which pertain to a book title that are available to any user. In 1949 UNESCO proclaimed it as a democratic institution of education, culture and information.

Database Example: Transaction Log

The registration of transactions are operations that are carried out thanks to a credit card , although they can currently be done with a mobile phone. It also mentions other daily business transactions that generate a group of records that go to a company database.

Database Example: Medical History

Every time a patient goes to the doctor or an animal visits the vet, all information about the client and patient is stored in a database. In it you can put information about your health, the treatment received and basic data (name and surname, address, mobile phone).

Database Example: Personal File

The personal file focuses on the capture and preservation of documents generated and received by a person during their existence.

It is known to be a source of incalculable value for the investigation and reconstruction of historical events. The documents can be personal or official such as minutes, titles, receipts, videos, plans and photographs, among others.

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