Computer maintenance

A computer is the main work tool in a small business or professional studio.

That is why keeping it in optimal operating conditions is crucial to avoid problems, and to achieve our work objectives with the best possible quality and comfort.

What will you find here? You will know the types of maintenance that exist. Tips for making a plan and how to clean every part of the computer

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Types of computer maintenance

  • Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance of a computer could be defined  as the need to create a favorable operating environment for the computer, that is, the need to carry out a series of activities so that the computer equipment is protected against any problem.

For example, most computers tend to fail due to accumulation of dust on their components or vents.  That is why the need to keep it clean, both inside and out, is evident, as well as checking that all its peripherals, cables, adapters, stabilizers and hardware are in excellent condition for use.

Also in this check we should include the computer software, that is, if the operating system, user programs and device drivers are updated to the latest version ,  since this is very important when avoiding dangers with malware and other malicious programs.

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To carry out  a good preventive maintenance of the computer it  is necessary to obtain some tools in addition to a little patience, since depending on the amount of time that a computer has been without maintenance, the more dirty conditions we will find.

As we mentioned,  dirt is the biggest failure factor in a computer,  and at this point we must be very conscientious, and do a good cleaning of the inside of the equipment since the dust, mixed with the fats and oils present in the air form a Dangerous film that will not let the heat generated by the motherboard components and other components such as audio, network or video boards radiate , leading them to overheat and eventually fail due to problems in the soldering, or even in the components electronic components that make it up.

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This preventive maintenance of the computer should be done on a regular basis,  since this will allow us to extend the useful life of the computer, in addition to ensuring that it always works at its maximum capacity.

The materials and tools used  to carry out good preventive maintenance of a computer  are simple, and we can get them anywhere.

These are a star screwdriver, a not very large brush, a can of compressed air,  which is not essential but will allow us to do the job faster.  We will also need some cleaning cloths.

As for what is necessary to do preventive maintenance of the computer software, we will need a removable disk, memory cards or pendrives to make a backup of the information,  that is, documents and others that it stores inside, system updates or user programs, and of course an Internet connection.

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  • Corrective maintenance

Basically,  the corrective maintenance of a computer is carried out with the aim of solving the problems that arise with the use of the equipment,  that is, to repair what may have been damaged.

This corrective maintenance is the simplest way to provide maintenance to a computer,  since it is performed after the equipment has failed, and usually involves the replacement of some of the hardware components.

At this point, it is necessary to highlight that there are two types of corrective maintenance:  contingent corrective maintenance and scheduled corrective maintenance.

Contingent corrective maintenance,  also called  “Unplanned”,  is maintenance that is carried out exactly after a computer failure occurs, and that needs to be performed as it cannot be used otherwise.

On the other hand,  scheduled corrective maintenance  is a type of maintenance that is carried out with the purpose of anticipating possible problems that the hardware of a computer may present .

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This means that  maintenance is carried out by changing parts of the PC, which according to previous experiences, are known to fail at a certain time. This type of maintenance, despite being expensive in monetary terms, allows you to have a computer in optimal condition and always like new. It also allows us to plan when this maintenance will take place, so the equipment can always be available when it is needed.

  • Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is closely linked to proactive maintenance, and basically consists of the early detection of failures, that is, before they happen, which  allows us to solve the possible problem without the complications of having to do it when the computer is in full operation,  since this type of maintenance can be done on a scheduled basis.

To make this type of diagnostics, software tools such as  Maintenance Pro are used,  which provides a series of very interesting characteristics with which to  follow the evolution of computer equipment failures.

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Some of the  advantages of preventive maintenance  are the possibility of ensuring the evolution of a certain problem, the optimization of the maintenance time, both for the personnel and for the equipment themselves,  knowing very precise statistics of equipment failures  and much more.

  • Proactive maintenance

The so-called  Proactive Maintenance  is a type of maintenance specialized in identifying and solving the causes that cause problems in computers. This means that this technique is focused on finding the source of the problems, not the failures that they can cause.

Proactive maintenance is based on predictive maintenance,  but unlike this, proactive maintenance requires the participation of the personnel in charge of the proper functioning of the equipment.

For proactive maintenance to be viable, it is of course necessary that there be an excellent organization of the resources available, in  addition to an exhaustive planning of the tasks to be carried out, with the aim that the computer equipment should be taken off-line in the shortest time possible, thereby reducing costs and other benefits associated with not stopping production.

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Computer maintenance plan

Basically, the need to  create a computer maintenance plan  is to prevent equipment from failing due to technical problems by finding and correcting those small problems before they become failures that must be analyzed and solved by experts ,  which will surely require paying a fee. bill.

If we do not pay attention  to the maintenance of our computers, it  is most likely that they will fail over time due to problems associated with loose components, dirt, moisture and many other factors.

That is why  a maintenance plan must be established,  which is one of the best ways to ensure the good condition of our computers and keep them in optimum working order. This computer maintenance plan should include both preventive and corrective maintenance. Proactive maintenance is also an important part of it  .

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Every time we must maintain a computer

The maintenance of a computer should not be something that should be taken lightly, mainly because in most cases, as we already mentioned, it is the main production tool. That is why we must be very strict in how long we do maintaining the computer,  always depending on the use made of it.

In the case of computers that are used during typical business hours or more, that is, 8 hours every day of the week, such as computer equipment in offices, Internet cafes, industries and others, it  will be necessary to maintain the equipment at least once a month.

If the computer is used in the home environment, or a small office, that is to say that it is not always kept on,  having it serviced every six months will be enough to keep it in optimal condition.

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If the equipment is used sporadically, that is, it is not turned on regularly,  maintaining it once a year will be enough,  since by not having as much use, its interior is kept cleaner, and its hardware wears less.

If we take into account the advice found in this article,  the good health and optimal functioning of our computers is guaranteed for a long time ,  even well beyond the date when they will no longer be modern.

How do I clean my PC?

Many users worry about optimizing their PC internally, removing viruses, uninstalling programs that are little used and other tasks, but they forget about the most visible part of the PC, which is its outer part. A properly cleaned PC can run faster and increase its life.

We all know that cleaning our house is something that must be done with a certain frequency. It is necessary to remember that the PC is part of the list of objects that accumulate dirt and need to be cleaned.

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But what many do not know is that it is not enough simply to wipe it with a cloth to clean it. For this reason, below we explain how you should proceed to clean each part of your PC without damaging it.

What should I do before I start cleaning my PC?

  • Disconnect the PC and remove it from the electrical outlet
  • Never use water to clean the inside of the cabinet
  • Never remove the keys from a notebook
  • Remember that in general the components of the PC are sensitive, therefore, you need to be careful not to affect the operation of your equipment.

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Necessary material

To carry out a complete cleaning we will need:

  • At least three different cloths (no threads)
  • Swabs
  • Toothpick
  • Detergent
  • Water
  • Dust vacuum
  • Long-handled soft bristle brush
  • Hair dryer with cold air
  • Gripper
  • Cotton
  • Can of compressed air (if possible)

How to clean the keyboard?

To start, turn the keyboard upside down and shake it to remove some of the dirt (put a sheet of newspaper underneath to avoid dirtying the floor). Now use a little compressed air to extract some of the dirt from the keys, then vacuum the keyboard (using a pick with bristles).

Is the keyboard very dirty?

Then, mix some detergent with water and just dampen a cloth with that solution , then wipe the keys to remove the dirt that is stuck due to the greasiness of the fingers. Lastly, wipe the keyboard with a dry cloth.

Sometimes it can happen that some keys on the keyboard fail due to excess dirt accumulated under them. To achieve such dirt, the keys will have to be removed. The steps that we describe below require a greater degree of delicacy.

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Before removing the keys, be sure that you will know how to put them back in their correct place after cleaning. For that use your imagination, take a photo of the keyboard or make a drawing with the position of the keys.

Using a flat screwdriver or knife, pry under each key and remove them. Try not to remove the large keys, such as the “space bar”, “Enter”, “Shift” and “Caps Lock”, as they can be difficult to put them back in their places.

With the keys removed, apply compressed air to facilitate work. Then, wipe with a cloth slightly dampened with a mixture of detergent and water to remove dirt from the keyboard (use a cotton swab to remove dust from the edges where the cloth cannot reach). Dry the keyboard and replace the keys.

How to clean the Mouse?

It is only necessary to slightly moisten a cloth with water and clean it.

How to clean external cables?

This is the simplest and least laborious cleaning, as it is enough to lightly moisten a cloth with a mixture of a little detergent and water, run it through the cables and then dry them with a dry cloth. Be careful not to forget to dry the metal parts of the cables , as it can become a major headache.

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How to clean the Monitor?

Regardless of the type of monitor you use, you must be very careful when cleaning the screen. You must choose the type of cloth to use well to avoid scratching it.

To clean the screen of your monitor you have two options: either clean it with a slightly moistened piece of cotton, or with an equally moistened cloth. Whichever method you choose, wipe with a dry cloth after cleaning the screen.

To clean the rest of the monitor, you just have to wipe a cloth slightly dampened with water and then dry with another cloth. If the monitor is very dirty , you can use a mixture of detergent and water on the cloth.

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It is also possible to substitute the detergent for alcohol (only when you are going to clean the monitor, for the other parts of the computer use only detergent). Do not use alcohol to clean the screen, only for the case. Using alcohol can discolor the monitor over time, so it is not recommended to use it. If you are going to do it, use only a few drops, only for the outer case, not for the screen.

Access here if you want more information on how to clean your LCD monitor

How to clean the cabinet?

The cabinet contains the parts that give “life” to the PC, therefore, you must be very careful when performing the following operations:

Cleaning the exterior of the cabinet

Unplug all cables and use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dirt out of the air intakes (holes) in the cabinet. Wipe the rest of the cabinet with a cloth moistened with a mixture of water and detergent, taking care not to let any drops fall through the air inlets.

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Then, remove the excess detergent with another cloth dampened only with water, and finally, with another cloth, dry the cabinet. In certain places (like around the power button) you can use a cotton swab to clean.

Clean the inside of the cabinet

Cleaning this part is very important, as the performance of the PC can be compromised due to overheating caused by the malfunction of the internal cooling systems of the cabinet.

Be very careful with the electronic components that are inside the cabinet (do not wipe them!), Because any accident, no matter how minor, can affect your PC.

Use the brush to gently sweep the dirt from the parts where the vacuum cleaner cannot reach. Put a fine nozzle in the vacuum cleaner and suck up the dirt from the cooler (that component that looks like a fan), the dirt from all the air intakes and all the dirt that was swept away with the brush.

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Remember that in order to use vacuum cleaners, it must have an extremely fine beak and you must do it with great care. When in doubt, use the brush.

Next, take a dry cloth and use it to dust the cables inside the cabinet and to remove dirt that resisted vacuuming and brushing.

PC preventive maintenance plan

We all know that prevention is better than cure. Good habits help save time, money, and trouble. That is why from this point on we offer you several tips to keep your PC running smoothly.

Once we have our brand new computer on the desk, one of the first things we have to do is diagram a cleaning and maintenance strategy so that the investment we just made is maintained for as long as possible.

To do this, the best we can do to keep a new computer in top condition is:

  • Install a UPS or at least a good quality stabilizer. Keep in mind that it needs to continue working in case of power failure, because the more devices, the less the autonomy of the UPS. Remember that the function of a UPS is to give you time to shut down the PC with peace of mind and safety, not to continue working until the battery is exhausted.

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  • During the installation of the programs, make the registration that each one requests. This way you will guarantee access to updates, useful information and promotions to access new versions.
  • Configure auto-update of programs when available. So you don’t have to worry about it.
  • If your PC is “branded” it probably came with a manual. Read the manufacturer’s maintenance tips.
  • Configure auto-archiving of emails in your email program. This procedure will avoid future problems of message file corruption and delay in accessing and reading.
  • Install a quality anti-virus.
  • Install quality anti-spyware / anti-adware software.
  • Keep all installation CDs in one place. Create a folder on your hard drive and copy the contents of all these CDs into sub-folders.

Computer maintenance every week or 15 days

  • Do an analysis of your hard drive to look for possible problems.
  • Run a defragmentation of your hard drive.
  • Make a backup of important files. It is not useful to make a simple copy in another place on your hard drive, this backup must be done on another device, such as a second hard drive, a CD, a DVD or an online service such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox.

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  • Empty the operating system trash.
  • Clean your browser’s temporary files.
  • Clear the “cookies” from your browser.
  • Certifies that virus and spyware definitions are up-to-date.
  • Run a full scan with anti-virus and anti-spyware. Do it at separate times, as running them at the same time will make your PC run very slow.

Computer maintenance every 30-60 days

  • Check if there are updates to your operating system and installed programs.
  • Remove installed programs that you don’t use.

Computer maintenance every 3 to 6 months

  • Clean your keyboard.
  • Clean your monitor.
  • Clean peripherals.
  • Reorganize your work environment. Both the virtual and the real.
  • Change your access passwords.

Computer maintenance every year

  • Renew anti-virus and anti-spyware updates and software licenses.

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