Big Data Examples

Big Data describes the large volume of data , structured and unstructured, that is generated every day in a company, and it is not only essential to generate it, it must also have the ability to exploit it to achieve ideas that lead to better decision making. . New products and/or services must be designed based on the non-tangible aspects of the way the consumer thinks or feels in order to stand out in the market.

Big Data analysis helps to take advantage of data and use it appropriately:

  • Cost and time reduction.
  • Development of new products.
  • Optimization of offers.
  • Smart decision making.

If you want to read examples of Big Data, don’t stop here as I show you 3 examples , each one different from the previous one.

Big Data provides answers to many questions

US elections

Before the 2012 elections in the United States, Barak Obama decided to use Big Data in his electoral campaign to see what data was collected from potential voters . The final conclusion was that to achieve victory it was necessary to focus on those citizens who still had doubts and, in turn, focus on voters who supported democracy going to vote that day.

To do this, they used Hp Vertica, a Big Data analytical platform created to be fast, simple and scalable in order to detect which voters would be most receptive to the newspaper, social networks or television advertising.

Improvement of public health

The Big Data technique is already being used to monitor babies to control the state of well-being in the neonatal unit at the Toronto Hospital, the capital of the province of Ontario, in Canada. It focuses on recording and analyzing the heartbeat and respiration of each of them, in addition to creating algorithms that are capable of detecting infections one day before symptoms begin.

There is another example and that is to manage and predict the evolution of a pandemic or an outbreak of diseases. To do this, it is necessary to enter data from medical records and social networks in order to detect a flu outbreak at that time.

Netflix platform

It is estimated that the Netflix platform saves about 1,000 million dollars a year thanks to Big Data.

It all started in 2006, when he chose to launch the “Netflix prize” of one million dollars for the person who was able to create a great algorithm to know what the opinion of subscribers was about a certain movie or series according to the scores. Currently, most of them come from the recommendation system that the platform itself has.

To do this, it uses Teradata or MicroStrategy, which provide a unique value proposition for business customers, which, together with Big Data technology such as Hadoop or Hive-Estp, gives as a final result an algorithm that determines in advance what content the subscriber you will end up watching for sure.

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